No. 529.
Mr. Bell to Mr. Bayard.

No. 243.]

Sir: In obedience to instructions contained in your dispatch No. 86, of the 2d instant, I have addressed a note to his excellency the minister of foreign affairs, a copy of which is herewith transmitted, calling attention to the case of Mr. Connell, an American citizen resident in Batavia, who complains through Mr. Hatfield, the United States consul at [Page 898] that place, of illegal enrollment for military duty. It is not probable that a reply will be given before the authorities here can communicate with the colonial authorities at Batavia.

I have, etc.,

Isaac Bell, Jr.
[Inclosure in No. 243.]

Mr. Bell to Mr. Karnebeek.

Sir: I am directed by the Government of the United States to apprise you that Mr. E. R. Connell, a citizen of the United States, who is temporarily residing, but not domiciled, in Batavia, as agent for an American house, is subject to compulsory semi-weekly drills, which greatly interfere with the performance of his business duties.

As the object of those drills is not merely of a police character, nor for purposes of temporary defense, but of a permanent character, such as to prepare those subjected to it for incorporation in the permanent military service of the Butch Government, I am instructed to represent to His Majesty’s government that the Government of the United States can not assent to such an interference with the unquestionable rights of Mr. Connell.

I need not suggest to your excellency that the injustice complained of not only exposes the commercial interest of the American house which Mr. Connell represents to vexatious losses and prevents the agent from complying with his engagements, but also tends to hamper and interfere with commerce, and is certainly not suited to give security to trade. I trust, therefore, that you will move the proper colonial authorities of His Majesty to take this complaint into consideration without delay with the view that measures may be adopted that will not only relieve Mr. Connell of the military duty which has been imposed upon him, but will enable him to feel some security as to his future position,

I seize, etc.,

Isaac Bell, Jr.