No. 50.
Mr. Trail to Mr. Bayard .

No. 73.]

Sir: Referring to myNo.71, of January 19th last, I have now to transmit the written answer of the delegate of police of Santos to the United States vice-consul in that city, in reply to a communication from the latter to the police authorities, in which it was alleged that the United States consulate in Santos had been stoned and damaged by certain Brazilian subjects.

The explanation and apology of the police delegate are taken as “sufficient” by Mr. Broad, our vice-consul at Santos. * * * A copy of the vice-consul’s note to the consul-general, which accompanied the answer from the police delegate to the vice-consul as sent me, is also inclosed.

I am, etc.,

Chas. B. Trail
[Inclosure 1 in No. 73.]

Mr. Broad to Mr. Armstrong .

Sir: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your dispatch dated 12th instant, and in reply to same state that I inclose copy of the answer of the delegado de policia herewith received only this morning, respecting the attack on the consulate on the night of January 9th last. I think you will agree with me that the answer is sufficient.

No mention of the outrage was made in any of the local papers, consequently can send you no extract.

I have, etc.,

Henry Broad,
[Page 58]
[Inclosure 2 in No. 73.—Translation.]

Chief of Police to Mr. Broad .

Illustrious Sir: Not before to-day have I been able to reply to your higness’s communication concerning No. 76, which you deigned to direct to me the 10th of January last.

After investigating the facts to which your highness refers in the above-mentioned communication, I am fully convinced that there was no disrepect to the nation of which your highness is the very worthy representative in this city. The stoning was directed against the merchant quartered on the ground floor of the house that your highness occupies, and it was only by accident that some stones fell upon the upper story referred to, a few going upon the shield of the consulate.

Some of the authors of this stoning, which, as I have said, was not directed against the consulate, were suitably punished, and so I ask your highness to deign to accept this explanation with which I hope to conclude this very unfortunate event.

May your highness be pleased to accept, etc.,

Delegate of police:

Claudio Henrico dos Santos.