No. 384.
Mr. Carter to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I have received from Honolulu a copy of the supplementary convention negotiated in this city in December, 1884, between the late Mr. Frelinghuysen and myself, as amended by the Senate of the United States during the last session of Congress, duly signed by His Majesty the King of Hawaii, together with full power to exchange the ratification of His Majesty for that of the President of the United States.

The notes exchanged between yourself and this legation on the 23d of September last removed any objections previously existing to the ratification of the convention as amended, and if you will kindly name a day and hour when it will be convenient to you to exchange the ratifications I shall take pleasure in waiting upon you for that purpose.*

With renewed assurance, etc.,

H. A. P. Carter.
  1. The ratifications of the Supplementary Convention of December 6, 1884, were exchanged November 9, 1887.