No. 377.
Mr. Carter to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: The Hawaiian Government naturally takes a great interest in the matter of a trans-Pacific Ocean telegraph service, and the Legislative Assembly of Hawaii has authorized His Majesty’s Government to assist in the laying and maintenance of a cable to connect the coast, of America and the Hawaiian Islands to the extent of $20,000 a year for the period of fifteen years.

His Hawaiian Majesty entertains the hope that the great and growing interests of the United States in the Pacific Ocean may lead the Government of the United States to look with favor upon such an enterprise, and to give substantial assistance towards its completion and support.

I am, therefore, instructed to bring the matter to your attention, and to apprise you of the readiness of His Majesty’s Government to join other Governments interested and to contribute to the extent before named.

I have, etc.,

H. A. P. Garter.