No. 355.
Mr. Lainfiesta to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I have the honor to inform the United States Government, through your excellency, that the constituent assembly convoked by the President of the Republic when he assumed the dictatorship on the 26th of June last, was formally organized in the city of Guatemala on the 1st instant, and that one of the first acts of that honorable body was to approve, by acclamation, the attitude assumed and the decrees issued by the Executive, in his capacity as dictator, from the aforesaid 26th of June up to the time of the organization of the Assembly, inasmuch [Page 556] as they were deemed necessary and conducive to the salvation of popular principles and of the national credit.

I have the, honor herewith to transmit to your excellency a copy of the President’s message,* and also one of the decree referred to; and I hope that these important events and there-establishment of the legal regimen in Guatemala will be regarded with gratification by the United States Government, from which my Government receives so many valued tokens of sympathy.

I take pleasure, etc.,

Franco. Lainfiesta.

Inclosure 1.)

Organization of the Constituent National Assembly and decree issued by the same under dat of to-day.

We, who have been chosen representatives in the constituent assembly of the Republic of Guatemala, which was convoked by a decree of the 26th of June last, having met in sufficient numbers, having examined our respective credentials, and having found the same to be in the form required by law,

Do hereby declare that the National Constituent Assembly is formally organized in the name of the nation.

Let this be communicated to the executive for publication. Done at the hall of sessions, in Guatemala, this first day of October, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven.

Ramon Uriarte, deputy for Atitlan, president; J. Pinto, deputy for El Quiché, first vice-president; José Reyna Barrios, deputy for Izabal Livingston; Manuel Aguilar, deputy for Amatitlan; Abraham de Leon, deputy for Huehuetenango; D. Rodriguez C, deputy for Tactic; Domingo Fuentes, deputy for the department of Sololá; J. Padilla, deputy for Jutiapa; Miguel Flores, deputy for Quezaltenango; P. Morales, deputy for San Marcos; J. Francisco Muñoz, deputy for Quezaltenango; Mariano S. Montenegro, deputy for Amatitlan; Alberto Molina, deputy for Momostenango; Narciso T. Escobar, deputy for Totonicapam; Felipe Marquez, deputy for Guatemala; Francisco Vela, deputy for Salamá; Fernando D. Ramirez, deputy for the district of Esquipulas; Demetrio Orantes, deputy for Guatemala; Joaquin Yela, deputy for Guatemala; Gabriel Pinillos, deputy for Sololá; F. Neri Prado, deputy for Totonicapam; Marcial Prem, deputy for Chimaltenango; Pedro Fonseca, deputy for Chiquimulila; J. A. Mandu-jano, deputy for Jacaltenango; Frederico Arévalo, deputy for Coban; Daniel Rodriguez, deputy for Franklin; J. M., Reina A., deputy for Salami; Manuel Cardona, deputy for San Marcos; José F. Quezada, deputy for Guatemala; Mariano Berduo, deputy for Cuajiniquilapa; José Antonio Rivera, deputy for Chiquimula; Lucas T. Cojulun, deputy for Salami; Manuel Monttifar, deputy for Sacapulas; J. Davila Carrillo, deputy for Patzun; E. Martines Sobral, deputy for San Martin; Salvador Escobar, deputy for Jalapa; Ramon Bengoechea, deputy for San Juan Sacatepe-quez; Rafael Salazar, deputy for Guatemala; Camilo Alvarez, deputy for Escuintla; Severo Marroquin, deputy for Retalhuleu; Ventura Sara via, deputy for Cotzumalguapa; Eliseo Goyena, deputy for Zacapa; Francisco Villagran, deputy for Coban; Julian Salazar, deputy for San Juan; J. Maria Ruiz Aguilar, deputy for Coban; M. Trabanino, deputy for Jacaltenango; José V. Aparicio, deputy for Flores; Victor M. Lainfiesta, deputy for La Antigua; Francisco Galindo, deputy for Patzun; F. A. Pérez, deputy for El Quiché; R. A. Salazar, deputy for Guatemala, secretary; Rafael Montiilar, deputy for Chiquimula, secretary; Manel Morales, deputy for Jutiapa, secretary; M. Carillo, deputy for Huehuetenango, secretary.

Let it be published.
  • M. L. Barillas.
  • F. Anguiano,
    Secretary of State in the Department of Government and Justice.
[Page 557]

(Inclosure 2.)

Decree No. 1.

The National Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Guatemala hereby decrees as follows:

Decree No. 380, which was issued on the 26th day of June last, by Gen. Manuel Lisandro Barillas, President of the Republic, is hereby approved by acclamation.
A vote of thanks is returned to the chief magistrate of the nation and to his present cabinet for the patriotic attitude assumed by them for the re-establishment of a liberal and progressive regimen, which was desired and approved by the people of the Republic.

  • Ramon Uriarte,
  • R. A. Salazar,
  • M. Carrillo.

Executive Mansion, Guatemala, October the first, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven. Let it be published.

  • M. L. Barrillas.
  • F. Anguiano,
    Secretary of State in the Department of Government and Justice.
  1. Not published.