No. 33.
Mr. Tree to Mr. Bayard.

No. 226.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that a number of prominent Belgian citizens have been during the past winter perfecting a project for holding an international exposition of sciences and industry at Brussels in 1888. They have finally enlisted the Government in the enterprise, which has decided, while leaving the financial responsibility and direction to these persons, who have formed themselves into a corporation, to favor it by extending to it the Royal patronage and probably a Government subsidy.

The King, with a view to encouraging the participation of Belgian and foreign producers, has within a few days, on the proposition of the minister of agriculture, industry, and public works, issued a Royal decree appointing his brother, the Count de Flandre, president of honor of the committee charged with the duty of arranging the exposition, and also appointing presidents and members of the central and other committees appertaining thereto. It is to be called “Grand concours international des sciences et de l’industrie.”

The primary object of the projects is avowedly to relieve the crisis which is pressing so heavily upon Belgium just now, and to inspire new life into its industries.

I have, etc.,

Lambert Tree.