No. 323.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Phelps .

No. 730.]

Sir: As containing information and suggestions of international interest, I inclose copies of certain representations lately made to my colleague, the Postmaster General, from many, of the chief Commercial centers [Page 490] of the united States, referring to the beneficial results to postal communication from a resort to the system of sending the mails by the most expeditious means offered, without reference to other considerations than certainty and celerity, and efficiency in the transmission of postal correspondence internationally.

The names of the memorialists comprise many of the most responsible and intelligent members of the mercantile community, and are impressive in their number as well as in the standing and character of the individual signers.

In the interests of the facilitation of commercial intercourse these papers are now transmitted, and you can bring them to the notice of the Government to which you are accredited and furnish copies of the documents referred to, should they be desired.

The United States ministers to France, Germany, Russia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway, and Denmark have been similarly addressed by me.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Inclosure in No. 730.]

Memorial to the Postmaster-General.

Hon. W. F. Vilas, Postmaster-General:

Sir: The undersigned, merchants and importers, doing business in New York City, desire to express their appreciation and thanks for your successful efforts to expedite the mails from this country to Europe, as shown by the following statement of the superintendent of foreign mails of the time of transit of mails from New York to London and Paris during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1887;

Line Route. Steamer. Total number of trips. Average time per trip.
Cunard Line New York to London via Queenstown. Umbria 12 187.5
Etruria 11 188.0
Aurania 11 206.9
Servia 10 211.2
Gallia 4 234.4
Bothnia 2 246.7
North German Lloyd New York to London via Southampton Trave 11 199.3
Aller 13 205.7
Ems 11 206.4
Saale 11 207.1
Eider 11 207.3
Werra 7 209.8
Fulda 11 209.9
Eibe 9 220.2
National New York to London via Queens-town. America 3 201.3
Anchor do City of Rome 7 203.4
Guion do Alaska 10 205.3
Arizon 11 224.9
Wisconsin 2 258.1
White Star do Britannic 12 219.8
Germanic 13 228.0
Adriatic 10 230.9
Republic 4 235.1
Celtic 5 236.0
Hamburg American New York to London via Plymouth. Hammonia 6 240.7
4 242.9
Wieland 7 244.6
Gellert 5 256.5
Inman New York to London via Queenstown. City of Chicago. 3 241.6
City of Berlin. 3 242.7
Baltic. 3 244.2
City of Richmond 2 251.1
City of Chester 4 256.8
General Transatlantic New York to Paris via Havre La Bouraogne 12 202.0
La Champagne 7 202.2
La Gascogne 8 203.6
La Bretagne 9 204.6
La Normandie 10 219.4

[Page 491]

We regret that the postal administrations of some European countries appear not to manifest an equal interest in the prompt and speedy transmission of mails to this country. Under the system of mail dispatches to the United States followed by these European countries, the mails, being often forwarded by steamers of a comparatively low rate of speed, frequently arrive at New York after the arrival of faster steamers belonging to other lines, which, although leaving European ports later and arriving in New York before their competitors, are excluded by some countries from the privilege of carrying mails. This policy, besides causing delay in the mail deliveries, results in many instances in loss and annoyance to the importer, whose goods frequently arrive before the mails containing the invoices necessary to enter such goods, thus involving him in disputes and difficulties with the United States customs authorities.

We therefore take the liberty of requesting you to use your good offices with the postal administrations of such countries, so far as may be consistent with international comity, for the general adoption of the same policy so successfully inaugurated by your Department of dispatching all foreign mails within the territory of the Postal Union by the first and fastest steamers, without regard to the flag under which they sail.

We are, dear sir, with high regard, your obedient servants.

  • New York. —August Belmont & Co.; Drexel & Co, of Philadelphia; Winslow, Lanier & Co.; Charles M. Fry; Ladenberg, Shallman & Co.; Heidelbach, Ickelheimer & Co.; Spyer & Co.; A. T. Stewart & Co.; Goadby & Laird; for the Merchants’ Bank of Canada, H. Hague and B. Harris, agents; First National Bank of New York, E. Scofleld, cashier; Knauth, Naehod & Kuhne; John Munroe & Co.; Kessler & Co.; Walkinshaw & Yoegt; Leavitt & Mitchell Bros.; Thonet Bros., per A. E. Stiasny, attorney; Weld, Colburn & Welckens; William Demuth & Co.; Hardt & Lindgens; A. Person, Harriman & Co.; Louis Wedigen &. Co.; Fleifcmann & Co.; J.Meyer &, Co.; Strauss, Kupfer & Co.; William Openhym & Co.; Megroz, Portier, Grose & Co.; William Schaus; Stern Bros.; W. Simpson, Crawford & Simpson; Lord& Taylor; Kountze Bros.; Phelps, Dodge Co.; Fr. Pustet & Co.; John Wygand, 56 and 58 Park Place; Emil Unger & Co., 50 Park Place; Wiebusch & Hilger; Benning, Bissell & Co., 96 Reade st.; H. B. Claflin & Co.; Nieol. Cbwlishaw & Co.; G. L. Schirmer; Edward Schubert & Co.; John Thompson; Henry Rogers; F. Bianchi & Co.; Fred Butterrleld & Co.; Calhoun, Robbins & Co.; Pings & Pinner; E. S. Jaffray & Co.; A. Stemhardt & Bro.; Benny, Schmidt & Pleissner; O. E. Krause & Co.; William Pickhardt & Kuttroff; Charles F. Schirmer & Sons; Thebaud Bros.; Pagensteeher & Co.; Mohr, Hannemann &, Co.; Hermann, Koop &. Co.; Siegfe Grnner & Co., per H. Schaefer; Motle Bros.; Fatman & Co.; Elmenhorst & Co.; F. O. Boyd &, Co., per E. Bartro; Hagemeyer & Brunn; Clodin &, Teschendorf!; Drexel, Morgan & Co.; Morton Bros. & Co.; Brown Bros. & Co.; J. W, Seligman && Co.; Von Hoffmann & Co.; Hallgarten & Co.; Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; Muller, Schall & Co.; for the Bank of Montreal, A. Lang, agent; New York agency, London and Brazilian Bank, limited, J. Lawrence MeKeever; Eugene Kelly & Co.; Blake Bros. & Co.; Lazard, Freres & Co.; John Paton & Co.; Forstmann & Co., per F, S. Schultz; Frederick Victor & Acheles; Herman Bernheimer, Son &. Co.; James McOreery & Co.; Sylvester, Hilton & Co.; Steiner, Kahn &Co.; Hardt, von Bernuth & Co.; E. Delbermann &, Co.; Benjamin & Caspary; Luckemeyer. Schefer & Co.; Decker, Spies &, Co.; Hoeninghaus & Curtiss; Wettstein, Meyer & Co.; C. M. McNullty; Abegg, Daeniker & Co.; M. Ehoedler &. Co.; Le Boutillier Bros., of 23d st.; B. Altman &> Co.; G. Amsinck &. Co.; McKesson & Robbins; Bawo & Dotter; Korting Gas Engine Company, limited, George W. Sillcox president; Frederick de Bary & Co., per O. N. Poggenburg; Louis Windmuller & Roelker; Rose, McAlpin & Co.; Herman Boker & Co.; Arnold, Constable & Co.; Sypher Co.; B. L. Solomon’s Sons; Leon Rheims; Luyties Bros.; C. Gutman; Veit & Nelson; C. L. Woodbridge & Co.; Dieckerhoff, Raffloer & Co.; Sweetser, Penbrook & Co.; Wayin, Toel & Co,; Dreyfuss, Weiller & Co.; Passovant & Co.; Otto Heinze & Co.; Muller & Eruger; Recknagel & Co.; W. H. Grossman & Bro.; Knoop, Frerichs & Co.; per E. Meisner; Kremelberg &, Co.; Meissner, Ackermann & Co.; Lanman & Remp; Theodore Herrmann; Osborne Bros., per Theodore Willington; Obenheim & Co.; Charles Graef (A. Graef, attorney).
  • Boston, Mass.—Jordan & Marsh & Co.; Coleman, Meade & Co.; Lalley & Collins; Davis, Marean & Co.; Claflin, Larrabee & Co.; Simons, Hatch & Whitten; Jos. Brech & Sons; John D. & M. Williams; J. D. Richards & Sons; Thomas C. Porter & Co.; G. Open & Co.; Heinenway & Brown; A. S. &, J. Brown & Co.; Boston Dye wood and Chemical Company, Jos. C. Stevens, president; Strauss, Kinsley & Co.; Pulsifer, Jordan & Pfaff; Franklin Bolfe & Co.; Richardson & Dennie; C. C. Bancroft & Co,; Rufus C. Cushman & Co.; George G. Granger; F. A. Leigh & Co.; William Pichardt & Euttrolf, W. H.B., agent; Norway Steel and Iron Company, Albert Geiger, treasurer; Henry A. Gould & Co.; Abram French & Co.; Gorham Rogers & Co.; Albert A. Cobb & Co.; Alfred Winsor & Co.; Howe, Balch & Tay; John P. Squire & Co.; Fuller, Dana & Fitz; F. B. Austin & Co.; Standard Sugar Refinery, by Elvin D. Hall, treasurer; James A. Hayes & Co.; The Firth & Son, per The Abbott Company; The Abbott Company; C. F. Hovey & Co.; Shoninger, Moses & Co.; Walker, Stetson & Sawyer; Brome, Durrell & Co,; Weil, Dreyfris & Co.; Norcross, Mellen & Co.; Hills, Turner & Co.; Adam, Taylor & Co.; E. & Ft King & Co.; Cutler Bros. & Co.; L. Higginson & Co.; John F. Brooks; James W. Bird & Co.; Howe & French; Linder & Meyer; Train, Smith & Co., G. M. Mansfield, attorney; Adams & Ingraham; Kinsman & Co.; James E. Whitney; J. Gardner Curtis & Co., per Moore; J. B. Brigliam & Co.; Temple R. Fay; William H. Greeley & Co.; Henry W. Peabody & Co.; B. M. Jones & Co.: Gill & Lootz; Benjamin Howard’s Sons; Ross, Turner & Co.; J. M. Rodœcenaehi & Co.; Willett, Hamlen & Co.; D. H. Tully & Co.; B. S. Pray & Co.; W. W. & C. R. Noyes; Farrar, Simpson & Co.; Whitney, Pousland & Co.; Robinson & Wood worth; Williams & Hall; Nash & Co.
  • Philadelphia, Pa.—R. Blankenburg & Co.; Whitall, Tatum &Co.; JohnB. Ellison & Sons; John Wanamaker; J. A. Sehwarz; Philadelphia Rubber Works, N. C. Mitchell; Granville B. Haines & Co.; Chas. J. Cohen; Strawbridge & Clothier; French, Richards & Co.; J. E. Caldwell & Co.; Hood, Bonbright & Co.; Wernwag & Dawson; McCallum & Sloan; G. S. Lovell & Co.; William L. Wilson & Sons; Joel J. Bailey & Co.; A. C. Yates & Co.; Aschenbach & Miller; Robert Shoemaker & Co.; Ostheimer Bros.; Samuel H. French & Co.; John Betz; Anton Winters; William Mencke fe Bro.; M. A. Baratet; Hughes &, Muller; C. F. Eumpp; J. S. Custer, Son & Co.; R. & J. Gerson; Burnham, Parray, Williams & Co.; L. Westergaard & Co.; William Brochie; Winthrop, Cunningham &. Sons; Young, Ewen & Co.; Amos Hillborn & Co.; J. B. Lippincott Company, A. P. Morton, treasurer; Gerlach & Harjes; B. F. Dewees; Darlington, Runk & Co.; Jos. A. Wainwright; Homer Boutillier & Co.; Bailey, Banks & Biddle; William H. Horstmann & Son; Harrington & Goodman; Wood, Brown & Co.; James S. Earle & Sons;. J. B. Sbeppard & Sons; Young, Smith, Field & Co.; Sharp-less Bros.; Agnew & English; Myer & Dickinson; Super, Jones & Co.; A. R. McCown & Co.; Jacob Reed’s Sons; William Gerlach; Armstrong, Wilkins & Co.; Otto Martin & Co.; L. Dannenbauro, Son & Ellicott; H. S. Burbank& Co.; Snodgrass, Murray & Co.; F. Weber & Co.; M. J. Fahy & Co.; F. Wight; Partridge & Richardson; Powers & Weightman; Moelling & Antenrieth; Wesenberg & Co.; Trymby, Hunt & Co.; R. J. Allen, Son & Co.; Tyndale &, Mitchell Company.
  • Baltimore, Md.—The Baltimore News Company; Geyer & w ilkins; Gustavus & Co.; E. Hazen & Co.; Dulany, Meyer &Co.; a. Seemullen & Co.; David T. Buzby & Co.; W. P. Harvey & Co.; Gill & Fisher; Edwin Hewes & Co.; Jas. Fletcher, jr., & Co.; Drexel, Eauschenberg & Co.; Kummer & Becker; F. W. Wilson & Son; Edwin B. Eruce & Co.; George May; Alex. Kerr Bros. & Co.; John A. Harnbleton & Co.; McKem & Co.; Cnshings & Bailey; Rogg & Hoch; Hurst, Purnell & Co.; Henry Keidel & Co., per L. Keidel; George Frank & Son; Claus Volkert; George Franke; G. W. Gail & Ax; Oliver Hoblitzell; The Basin Fertilizer Company, W. B. McAtee, treasurer; John Turnbull, jr., & Co.; J. Leopold & Co.; Henry Knefelv; George T. Gambrill & Co.; Baer & Brother; E. Walters & Co.; J. H. Whiteley & Co.; Gilpin, Langdon & Co.; Lawrence, Thomson & Co.: E. Levering & Co.; Fred Heim; A. Schumacher & Co.; H. R. Tucker & Co.; Tate Hinrichs & Co.; Thomas M. Norris; B. T. Babbitt; Martin Gillett & Co.; I. M. Parr & Co.; Tate, Muller & Co.; C. A. Gambrill Manufacturing Company; John Patters6n & Co.; Jas. Gary Coale; A. Br.own & Sons; Henry Lauts & Co.; C. Morton Stewart & Co.; Mudge, Smith & Co.; Forster, Clark & Co.; Wilson, Colston & Co,; Wm. Knabe & Co.; [Page 493] J. J. Nicholson & Sons; Wilson, Palmer & Co.; Vogeler, Son & Co,; Hodges Brothers; E. E. Wenck; p. p. F. Schaus; F. W. Feigner & Son; Middendorf, Oliver & Co.; J. Hilles & Co.; Armstrong, Cator & Co.; Lvon, Hall & Co.; Prior & Hilgenberg; Gieske & Niemann; Von Kapff & Arens; S. R. Corners & Co.; Frank H. Shalius; Heald & Co.; Parrish Brothers; Dix & Wilkins; Markell Brothers.
  • Chicago, Ill—Marshall, Field & Co.; Kohn Brothers; N. K. Fairbank & Co., Guy F. Gosman, secretary; Mandel Brothers; Armour & Co.; Petersen Bros. & Co.; C. L. Hutchinson; International Bank, G. M. Schweisthal, cashier; Peter Von Schaak & Sons, wholesale druggists; Leopold, Mayer & Son; Fuller & Fuller Company; Chas. P. Kellogg & Co.; McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, W. R. Selleck, treasurer; Lindauer & Bros. & Co.; Simeon, Farwell & Co.; Storm & Hill; Reid, Murdoch & Fisher; W. M. Hoyt Company; J. W. Doane & Co.; Charles Arndt & Co.; D. B. Fisk & Co.; Dr. Jaeger’s Sanitary Woolen System Company; Chapin & Gore; Jacob Meyer & Bros.; Sprague, Warner & Co.; Otto Young & Co.; S. Hyman & Co.; Best, Russell & Co.: Kirchoff & Neubarth; A. F. Seeberger & Co.; George Bohner.& Co.; Burley & Tyrrell; Robt. Stevenson & Co.; F. Madlener; A. C. MeClurg &, Co., Gabain & Co., E. Chadoux, secretary and treasurer; B. Y. Page Company, Murice Pincoffo, manager; Jno. V. Farwell & Co.; Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co.; N. B. Haynes; Schweitzer & Beer; Schwartz, Dupee & Co.; Henry Dummert; Grommes & Ulrich, importers of Hungarian wines; H. Tallert & Son, importers of Hungarian wines; Steel Wedeles & Co.; H. C. & C. Durand; John Buchler; Chase & Sanborn, per Benj. S. Premen; Jas. H. Walker & Co.; Wilson Brothers; Counselman & Day; Kahn Bros. & Co.; Frankenthal, Freudenthal & Co.; W. H. Schirapfernman & Son; The John D. Zernitz Company; John A. Tolman Company; Franklin MacVeagh fe Co.; Funch, Potter & Wilson; Edson Keith & Co.; Paul Bracht; H. Kessler; Cahn, Wampold & Co.; Aug. Beck & Co.; The Fair, Otto Young, secretary; Stanton & Co.; Harts Brothers; Albert Pick; Pitkin & Brooks; National Yeast Company, Parsons; E. B. Millar & Co., G. H. Clark, treasurer; Morrison, Plummer & Co.; Schmidt & Labes; Henry Schoellkopf; Chapin & Edwards; Maurice Pincoffo; A. C. Helmholz.
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  • San Francisco, Cal.— Wm. T. Coleman; John D. Spreckels & Bros.; Whit-tier Fuller & Co.; Henry Lund & Co.; William Alvord; Parrott & Co,; Murphy, Grant &. Co.; Williams, Dimond & Co.; A. Carpentier; W. W. Montague & Co.; Macondray & Co.; Kittle & Co.; Dickson, De Wolf & Co.; G. W. McNear; Levi Strauss & Co.; Huntington, Hopkins & Co.; Catton, Bell & Co.; Chas. Duisenberg & Co.
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