No. 291.
Mr. von Alvensleben to Mr. Bayard.


Mr. Secretary of State: Referring to the note of this legation of July 12, 1886, I have the honor, in obedience to instructions received, most respectfully to inform you that according to Imperial order of the 11th ultimo (No. 1694) the legal status of the Solomon Islands, which belong to the protectorate of the New Guinea Company, has now also been regulated.

All decrees, enactments, and proclamations that have been issued by the chancellor of the Empire, or by the board of directors of the New Guinea Company with the approval of that officer, for the territory hitherto under the control of that company are, so far as may be necessary, henceforth to be extended to the Solomon Islands, and as soon as these decrees, etc., shall have appeared in the publication in which the enactments of the New Guinea Company are issued, I shall have the honor to bring them to your notice.

Accept, etc.,

H. v. Alvensleben.