No. 27.
Mr. Tree to Mr. Bayard .

No. 186.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith the correspondence with the Belgian minister of foreign affairs on the subject of the proposed visit of the Gate City Guard, of Atlanta, to Belgium.

The Prince de Chimay, in his note informing me that the Government accords the authorization requested by the Guard, observes that “the best welcome will be reserved for them.”

I have, etc.,

Lambert Tree.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 186.]

Mr. Tree to Prince de Chimay .

Your Excellency: I have the honor to inclose to your excellency herewith a copy of a letter from Capt. J. F. Burke, commanding the Gate City Guard, of Atlanta, Ga., addressed to his excellency the Hon. John B. Gordon, governor of the State of Georgia, one of the States, as you are doubtless aware, composing the American Union.

This volunteer military organization, which is highly commended by his excellency the governor of Georgia, is said to be distinguished for its perfection of drill and discipline.

It would appear from the letter of Captain Burke that the Gate City Guard contemplates making a visit to Europe.

The organization will include about seventy-live members, and will also be accompanied by a number of ladies and gentlemen who are friends and relatives of its members. [Page 30] The object of the visit is recreation and the pleasure and instruction incident to travel.

They expect to sail from New York for Antwerp about the 1st of July next, and to include Brussels, Paris, Switzerland, and Italy in their route of travel.

In order that they may travel under discipline they wish to preserve the distinctive character of a military organization in wearing their uniforms and carrying their arms when on parade.

I am instructed by my Government to obtain early information as to whether the Government of His Majesty the King is willing to give the necessary permission for this American volunteer military organization to wear their uniforms while in Belgium and parade with arms, and under what, if any, conditions.

Thanking your excellenlcy in advance for any information on the subject, which I may communicate to my Government, I avail myself, etc.,

Lambert Tree.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 186—Translation.]

Prince de Chimay to Mr. Tree .

Mr. Minister: You have kindly informed me by your letter of the 10th instant of the project of a voyage to Europe of a detachment of seventy-live men of the Gate City Guard, of Atlanta.

These volunteers who will visit Belgium desire to be allowed to wear their uniforms and carry their arms on parade.

I hasten to infom you that the necessary authorization is accorded and that the best welcome will be reserved for them.

It is well understood Mr. Minister, that the detachment will be required to observe the measures of order which might, the case happening, be prescribed.

Please accept, etc.,

Prince de Chimay.