No. 130.
Mr. Denby to Mr. Bayard .

No. 243.]

Sir: I have the honor to report the gratifying intelligence that the local authorities at Chungking have offered to pay Mr. Bourne, the English consular agent, 23,000 taels, in satisfaction of the losses suffered by the Methodist mission and the missionaries by the riots in July. This information came to me from Sir John Walsham, the British minister, who has very kindly permitted Mr. Bourne to act for us in this matter.

Mr. F. D. Gamewell, the superintendent of the mission, has accepted this offer. It is understood that its acceptance does not waive the right of the missionaries to return to Chungking, and does not surrender title to their real estate. But they consent to accept other lands in exchange for the land in the suburbs, should suitable and eligible locations be offered them.

I append hereto copies of Mr. Gamewell’s communication to me and of my letter to Sir John Walsham, as also of a note from Sir John Walsham giving a copy of his telegram to Mr. Bourne notifying Mr. Gamewell’s acceptance.

It is proper to state that the claim was 28,000 taels [No. 229]. I did not exercise any authority to secure the reduction asked. I left Mr. Gamewell entirely free to accept or refuse the offer.

* * * * * * *

I do not hesitate to say that, in my opinion, this compromise is proper and advantageous.

I have, etc.,

Charles Denby.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 243.]

Mr. Gamewell to Mr. Denby .

Sir: Having received from you a notification that an offer has been made to Mr. Bourne of 23,000 taels in settlement of the damages done by the mob in Chungking to the property of citizens of the United States, I hereby authorize Mr. Bourne to accept said offer by way of compromise, with the distinct, understanding that the missionary association that I represent and the United States missionaries do not thereby surrender [Page 167] title to the real estate of said association, nor give up the right to return to Chungking and renew work there. It is, nevertheless, further understood that the missionary association will not insist on re-occupying the property in the suburbs of Chungking-for mission purposes, but will, if the local authorities so desire, consent to exchange said property for other eligible and suitable property located in a different locality.

F. D. Gamewell,
Superintendent West China Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 243.]

Mr. Denby to Sir John Walsham .

My Dear Colleague: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of yesterday.

I beg leave again to return to you the thanks of my fellow-citizens and myself for your kindness and assistance in the matter in hand.

I have submitted to Mr. Gamewell the proposition to authorize Mr. Bourne to accept 23,000 taels in satisfaction of the wrongs and injuries done to the property of the Methodist mission and of the missionaries at Chungking.

Mr. Gamewell now authorizes Mr. Bourne to accept said sum in full satisfaction of the pecuniary loss.

I desire it to be distinctly understood, and so communicated to the local authorities by Mr. Bourne, that this acceptance of said sum does not involve any waiver of the right of the missionaries to return to Chungking and resume their legitimate work nor the surrender of their title to the real estate purchased and occupied by them.

And the missionary association and the missionaries will not insist on re-occupying for mission work the property in the suburbs of Chungking, if the local authorities object to such occupation, and will consent to exchange said property for other suitable and eligible property in the vicinity of Chungking. I attach hereto a copy of the communication of Mr. Gamewell to me expressing these ideas.

I beg leave to state that the association would take pleasure in refunding to your excellency the cost of telegrams, as well as any other expenses you have incurred on its account. A statement thereof can be sent to me.

Yours, faithfully,

Charles Denby.
[Inclosure 3 in No. 243.]

Sir John Walsham to Mr. Denby .

My Dear Colleague: On the receipt of your letter of to-day, and of its inclosure from Dr. Gamewell, I telegraphed the following message to Mr. Bourne, through Her Majesty’s consul at Ichang:

“The United States minister, with the concurrence of the Missionary Association, accepts for pecuniary losses the proposed compromise of 23,000 taels, on the following specific conditions:

“The missionaries shall not be held as having thereby waived their right to return to Chungking, nor as having surrendered their title to the real estate purchased and occupied by them, but if the local authorities should object to the reoccupation for mission purposes of the property in the suburbs, the missionaries will agree to exchange it for other suitable property.”

Yours, faithfully,

John Walsham.