284. Telegram 8559 From the Embassy in Zaire to the Departments of State and Defense1 2

Joint Embassy-ZAMISH Message


  • Rockwell Report

At a meeting 22 Sept. with President Mobutu, Ambassador Vance presented two copies of the French version of the ground portion of the Rockwell report. Vance indicated to the President that we had reviewed the shopping list of military material that was presented to him during his second visit to Zaire and concluded that items contained in that list coincided in large measure with the ground portion of the Rockwell report. He added that the Rockwell report offers a coherent plan to achieve the GOZ’s military modernization objectives.

President Mobutu responded that he was delighted to receive the report and after study by his experts he would direct DDN to enter into conversation with ZAMISH with a view toward its implementation.

Ambassador Vance made the point that the USG is seking to raise FMS credits this fiscal year to $19 million. However, he reiterated that this was subject to congressional approval. In addition to mentioning financial restraints he stressed that production availabilites and training requirements would add to the need to phase over several years any implmentation of this project. Finally, he commented that the phasing mentioned in the report would doubtless require revision.

Comment: In view of the GOZ’s current situation it is anticipated that adjustments to the report’s priorities will be made. As an example President Mobutu has recently indicated a need for 200 jeeps, 200 trucks, five helicopters and two landing craft to be procured urgently through FMS. These are in the Rockwell report but envisaged for a later phase. Additionally, he desires to order one new C–130—although he recognizes long lead time required.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Policy Files, 1975. Confidential. Repeated to CINCEUR.
  2. During a meeting with President Mobutu, Ambassador Vance presented two copies of a French version of the Rockwell Report.