227. Telegram 16362/Secto 125 From Secretary of State Kissinger to the Department of State1 2


  • Return of Amb. Brewer to Khartoum


  • Jidda 6072 (Notal)

1. For Rabat. You should arrange to deliver following message discreetly from me to Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Omar Saqqaf.

2. Begin message: Dear Omar: Due to an oversight, the report of your discussion on October 20 with Ambassador Akins about the situation in the Sudan was not called to my attention earlier. I want you to known that I am today instructing washing to have Ambassador Brewer return at once to Khartoum. You may convey this information to President Nimeiri for his private information, if you believe this would be useful. Since I expect there may be some criticism of this decision at home, however, we want Ambassador Brewer’s return to be done as routinely and quietly as possible. There will be no public announcement. I would ask you, therefore, to urge President Nimeiri’s cooperation in this regard. Warm personal regards, Henry End message.

2. For Department and Khartoum. Ambassador Brewer should [Page 2] return to Khartoum as expeditiously as possible. Upon return to post Ambassador will resume normal official contacts with members of GOS. As appropriate during these contacts, he would explain basis for US decisions described State 169610 which USG was compelled take as result Sudanese actions in releasing terrorists. All such decisions, which were taken only after extensive consideration, will remain in effect until such time as circumstances warrant modification. At appropriate time and should circumstances warrant, Ambassador would seek meeting with Nimeiri. Department plans process in normal fashion request for agreement for new Sudanese Ambassador. In order minimize local publicity, Khartoum should not repeat not communicate above decision to GOS or other local contacts prior Ambassador’s return. Should report of his return prompt press questions here, Department will simply say Ambassador has returned to his post but that this connotes neither diminished USG interest in the continued detention of the terrorists nor any resumption of normal aid and related ties. If pressed for details re actions USG had taken to show displeasure with Sudan over Nimeiri’s decision to release terrorists, Department officer would refer to general “hold” on new economic and financial arrangements with Sudan in view public and congressional sentiments on issue.

  1. Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Kissinger Papers, Box CL 234, Geopolitical Files, Sudan. Secret; Immediate; Nodis; Cherokee. Also sent Immediate to Khartoum, Niact Immediate to Rabat, and repeated Immediate to Jidda.
  2. The Embassy in Rabat informed the Saudi Foreign Minister that Ambassador Brewer had returned to Khartoum at Secretary Kissinger’s request.