216. Telegram S27073 From the Secretary’s Delegation in Tanzania to the Embassy in Nigeria 1 2


  • Secretary’s Possible Visit to Nigeria


  • Lagos 10349

1. You should not raise again subject of lunch in Washington and if Garba or Mea raises it you should state that you will have to refer matter to Washington.

2. Whatever Garba’s personal position regarding Secretary’s visit we see no advantage, after second rejection from FMG, to giving Garba impression that we can somehow retain image of normal relationship, separating his relationship from the action of the government he represents.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Policy Files, 1976. Secret; Immediate; Nodis. Repeated to the Department.
  2. Kissinger, traveling in Tanzania, said that after a second Nigerian rejection of his proposed visit, he could not give the impression of a normal relationship between the two countries.