730. Memorandum from McGeorge Bundy to holders of NSAM 220, December 161

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  • Amendment to NSAM 220 of February 5, 1963 Relating to United States Government Shipments by Foreign-Flag Vessels in the Cuban trade

The following amendment to NSAM 220 has been approved:

An exception to the prohibitions stated in NSAM 220 may be made as to any vessel or vessels if the persons who control the vessel or vessels give satisfactory assurance

(a) that no ships under their control will thenceforth be employed in the Cuba trade, except as provided in paragraph (b); and

(b) that vessels under their control which are covered by contractual obligations, including charters, entered into prior to the date of this directive under which their employment in the Cuba trade may be required, shall be withdrawn from such trade at the earliest opportunity consistent with such contractual obligations.

The assurance given hereunder shall contain an undertaking that any ships covered by paragraphs (a) or (b) will not thereafter be employed in the Cuba trade so long as it remains the policy of the United States Government to discourage such trade. No vessel described in paragraph (b) will be eligible to carry any cargo sponsored or financed by any of the agencies listed herein until such vessel has actually ceased to engage in the Cuba trade and has ceased to be under obligation to engage in such trade.

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The Secretary of State is to be consulted on the form and content of any assurances given in accordance with this directive. If any assurance given in accordance with this directive is determined to be untrue or has not been complied with, all ships owned or controlled by persons making such assurance may be declared ineligible for the carriage of cargo sponsored or financed by any of the agencies listed herein.

McGeorge Bundy
  1. Amendment to NSAM 220 relating to U.S. Government shipments by foreign-flag vessels in the Cuban trade. No classification marking. 1 p. Johnson Library, NSF, Country File, Cuba, Meetings 12/63–3/65.