640. Memorandum from Gordon Chase to McGeorge Bundy, March 291

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  • Cuba Coordinating Committee

Here are some of the latest developments.

1. American PrisonersBob Hurwitch tells me that the problem of shipping the balance of the ransom goods to Cuba has been solved. U.S. Lines will operate two vessels as many times as necessary to complete the deal. The shipping Association has agreed to pro-rate the cost among its members.

Bob also told me about the latest Donovan/Vallejo (Castro’s interpreter-friend) telephone conversation. Vallejo was pleased to learn that Dr. Scheele (former Surgeon General) was going down to Havana on March 28th to examine some faulty drugs which the Cubans have been complaining about. Vallejo also told Donovan that he should come down to Cuba on April 4th. At that time he would have “good news” for Donovan. (We’ve heard that one before.)

2. Psychological Subcommittee—Bill Jorden called the first meeting of the Psychological Subcommittee on March 27th. Bill has the Murrow/Martin memo regarding a post-Castro Cuba high on his agenda. He will be working very closely with USIA on producing another draft of the paper. He hopes to have something within the next couple weeks.

The group discussed events that should be considered by the Psychological Subcommittee. One of the most important is the Cuba May Day; the Subcommittee will start working on themes which we want to convey at that time.

Gordon Chase
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