637. Memorandum from Gordon Chase to McGeorge Bundy, March 271

[Facsimile Page 1]


  • Raid by L–66

The President was briefed by General Clifton this morning on the raid. Here are some facts on the present status.

The President has the following information from CIA. The raider ship advised a land-based radio: (1) that a LIFE photographer allegedly was present; (2) that the operation was a success; (3) that the L–66 suffered no casualties; (4) that the boat was returning to its secret base until the press furor died down; (5) that L–66 would return to Miami if nothing new developed. CIA does not know where the land-based [Typeset Page 1650] radio is and does not know where the “secret base” is; they assume it is on one of the Keys.

2. FBI will be providing whatever information it has to Bromley this afternoon.

3. State is drafting a public statement on this raid. It will be cleared with you.

4. The Secretary will send a memorandum today or tomorrow to the President stating that he doesn’t want the activist exile group running our policy and recommending ways and means of stopping the raids (presumably this will take the place of the Cottrell paper which I mentioned in my memorandum to you this morning).

Gordon Chase
  1. Secret raid by L–66 exile group. Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba—Subjects, Exile Activities.