630. Telegram 2241 from Moscow, March 111

[Facsimile Page 1]

Embtel 2234. Khrushchev-Trevelyan talk March 6.

Cuba. Khrushchev opened on Cuba by referring to criticisms directed at him for concessions he had made on Cuba. He said it was true that he had made concessions whereas President Kennedy had not. When Trevelyan demurred at this, Khrushchev replied they were now saying in US that Kennedy had not undertaken any commitments with respect to Cuba. Khrushchev said this was “very dangerous and could have fatal consequences”. This might kill the embryo of confidence in a statesman’s world. Trevelyan said he had had impression that liquidation of Cuban affair had established some renewed confidence. Khrushchev replied he had thought so too but now SOVs had to reconsider a little.

Sir Humphrey said he had impression with respect to Cuba that Khrushchev was nervous about finding himself on spot, between US on one side and Chinese Communists on other.

  1. Report on conversation between Trevelyan and Khrushchev concerning concessions Soviets made to the United States in Cuba. Secret. 1 p. DOS, CF, POL 17–1 UK–USSR.