584. Memorandum from L.J. Legere to McGeorge Bundy, December 281

[Facsimile Page 1]


  • Alert Posture for Forces Committed to Cuban Operations

1. In the attached memorandum to the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommend, with respect to Cuba, “a further reduction to approximately normal readiness levels. . . .” Paragraphs 2.a.(1) and 2.a.(2) did not strike me as being too clear, so I have spoken with the action officer who prepared the paper. What it means is that, if the Secretary approves the JCS recommendations, high-level reconnaissance flights will continue on an average of two per day; low level flights, however, will be ready to go on 12-hour alert for four aircraft, and 24-hour alert for eight aircraft.

L.J. Legere


JCSM–1021–62 dtd 26 Dec 62

  1. Alert posture for forces committed to Cuban operations. Top Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba, General, Vol. VII (A), 12/62.