581. Telegram 2416 from USUN, December 191

[Facsimile Page 1]

Re: Cuba. At the invitation of Kuznetsov McCloy had lunch (with him and Mendelevich) at Soviet Mission today. K emphasized luncheon purely social affair not negotiating luncheon.

McC said that though disappointed at proposal they made yesterday it did contain one important favorable element—avoidance further attempts introduce new papers which would require further drafting and discussion; that he felt that under circumstances, though impossible for us to sign joint statement transmitting letters he suggested, might be possible for us to sign separate letter transmitting certain statements from our side leaving him to transmit in separate form statements from his side; that he particularly had in mind two letters [Typeset Page 1535] from Khrushchev to the President to which he had already referred; that if K wanted to include October 26 letter this was all right with us.

K then asked McC what statements we had in mind.

McC told him there would be four: 1–President’s letter October 27; [Facsimile Page 2] 2–White House statement October 27; 3–President’s letter October 28; and 4–November 20 press statement in regard to Cuba.

K winced over November 20 statement stating it repeated provisos and overflights which were very difficult indeed for them.

McC said would not recommend we conclude talks on any other basis than by inclusion November 20 statement; that if K re-read November 20 statement he would find it in good tone and embodying really all that anyone could ask a Chief of State to say in respect to Cuba.

K also referred to use of word “register”. McC pointed out this was formality which might cause us some constitutional difficulties and that inclusion of this large number of documents could scarcely be considered type of international agreement that section 102 contemplated.

K replied they had looked up authorities on section 102 and found some very informal statements had been registered with Security Council and, inasmuch as Chairman had specifically used term himself, this might be difficulty with them. McC said they could presumably register what they wanted to but that his impression was that we would not use term but would request Secretary General send it to President Security Council for circulation, repeating that we had to have our reservations stated in equal dignity with assurance against invasion. McC has impression K disposed to recommend procedure McC outlined and that he was going to pass suggestion on to Moscow. McC emphasized that this was own brainchild; that it did not commit the President who was deeply interested [Facsimile Page 3] and by reason of absence in Nassau had given no authority to present this as position of the United States; and that McCloy might have to recall it.

McC also took occasion to state substance of DEPTEL 1687.2

  1. Discussion of Soviet proposal at luncheon at Soviet Mission. Secret. USUN Files: NYFRC: 84–84–001, 1–B December/January Meetings.
  2. DEPTEL 1687 is USUN 7302 (TOPSEC).