571. Telegram 1511 to USUN, December 61

[Facsimile Page 1]

Eyes Only for Stevenson and McCloy. The following modifications in the draft U.S. statement on Cuba as contained Deptel 1339 as modified by Deptel 1360 were approved by the President on December 6 for immediate presentation to Soviet negotiators:

1. In paragraph 2, omission of the clause QTE and quoted in the Acting Secretary General’s letter of October 28. UNQTE.

2. In paragraph 6, the second sentence to begin, QTE A procedure was arranged in cooperation with the USSR UNQTE . . .

3. In paragraph 9, the proviso on offensive weapons to read, QTE provided no nuclear weapons and no offensive weapons systems are present in or reintroduced into Cuba UNQTE . . .

In the same paragraph, the clause on Cuban action against the Western Hemisphere to read, QTE and provided Cuba does not commit aggressive acts against any nation of the Western Hemisphere. UNQTE . . .

[Facsimile Page 2]

4. The next to last paragraph to be replaced by the following:

QTE Pending such time as arrangements can be effected to provide the safeguards necessary to ensure that no such weapons systems are maintained or reintroduced into Cuba, the United States will employ such other means of observation and verification as may be necessary. UNQTE

5. The final paragraph to read as follows:

QTE The undertakings stated herein do not alter or impair the rights and obligations of the United States under all existing treaties to which it is a party. UNQTE

6. The President further indicated his willingness to accept modification of the sentence in paragraph 5 relating to withdrawal of all Soviet military units and personnel, but only in the event that there was progress toward agreement on other aspects of the draft declaration.

7. It was further understood that in the event of failure to reach early agreement on this revised draft, the United States would reserve the right to reframe its entire declaration in the light of Soviet refusal to reach such agreement and other Soviet positions that might be advanced.

[Facsimile Page 3] [Typeset Page 1522]

Immediately following telegram gives, for your use, complete statement as altered by above.

  1. Transmits modifications in U.S. draft statement on Cuba for presentation to Soviet negotiators. Top Secret. 3 pp. DOS, CF 737.56361/12–662.