563. Memorandum of meeting of the Executive Committee of the NSC by McCone, December 31

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The meeting then turned briefly to Cuba. Stevenson explained there were three areas of disagreement with the Soviets: (1) The manner of expressing the right to verify events in Cuba. (2) The language of preserving peace, and (3) The manner in which the invasion commitment was expressed—that is, whether we stated we had no intention of invading, or alternatively, made a firm undertaking that we would not invade. It was pretty well agreed at the meeting that we could not agree with the Soviets and therefore two separate and different papers would be filed with the Secretary General, one by the Soviets and one by ourselves.

Later in the day I met with the President privately and pointed out to him my concern over the Soviet conduct in Cuba. Specifically I referred to three items reported in the Check List, as covered in the attached memorandum of December 3. The President asked for more details and these were transmitted to him in the afternoon in the form of the two documents attached (Department of State cable #2026, dated November 29, 1962, and FBIS #70, dated November 29, 1962).

John A. McCone
  1. Stevenson’s report on the three areas of disagreement with the Soviets, and McCone’s expression of concern over Soviet conduct in Cuba to the President at a later meeting. Top Secret. 2 pp. CIA, DCI (McCone) Files: Job 80–B012285A, Box 6, DCI Meetings with the President, 1 July 1962–31 December 1962.