464. List of Outstanding Issues prepared for the NSC Executive Committee, October 301

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The attached is the approved list of outstanding issues prepared for the use of the NSC Executive Committee at its meeting 6:00 p.m., October 30, 1962, in the State Department.

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Cuba [illegible in the original]

I. Theory of operation.

A. What is to be removed? (Maximum objective breaking military tie with Moscow on removal of strictly offensive weapons.)

B. How to determine what has been removed.

1. To convince U.S.G.

2. To convince U.S. public and others.

3. Precedents.

II. Short term verification requirements.

A. Shipping.

1. Inbound.

a. UN port surveillance.

b. UN sea surveillance

c. US standby position and conditions for change.

2. Outbound.

a. Extent UN verification.

b. US standby capability.

B. Activities in Cuba.

1. UN verification.

a. Specified identified sites.

b. General inspection.

c. Techniques—air—ground.

d. Timing—air—ground.

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2. US verification.

a. Sites vs. general inspection; i.e., requirement for US aerial reconnaissance.

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III. Long term verification requirements.

A. Duration of UN arrangements.

B. Inauguration of OAS or nuclear free zone arrangements (Brazilian resolution).

C. US standby requirement.

IV. Political Arrangements.

A. Extent of U.S. guarantees.

1. Not to invade.

2. Regarding subversion—insurrection in Cuba.

3. In multilateral framework.

B. Reciprocal obligations of Cuba.

1. Regarding Latin America.

2. Regarding Guantanamo.

3. International obligations.

C. Multilateral arrangements.

1. OAS.

2. UN.

D. Handling of refugees.

  1. List covers: theory of operation; short-term verification requirements; long-term verification requirements; political arrangements. Top Secret. 3 pp. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba, General, Vol. IV(b).