424. Memorandum of telephone conversation between Nitze and Ball, October 261

[Facsimile Page 1]

Nitze—They are working on the Turkish problem, is that right?

Ball—Yes, there is a group working on it.

Nitze—We take a very dim view. We have to contemplate now, in this kind of a thing, negotiations apart from Cuba would just ruin us all the way around.

Ball—Let me be quite clear—we have no intention of seeing it pushed into negotiations. I am doing this at the President’s request to see what it would be, if later on he wanted to consider it. The Department is no happier about it than you are.

Nitze—Not that we love these things. We wanted to get rid of it before. It is really the political military thing.

Ball—Did you see a telegram I got in from Finletter this morning on this thing?

Nitze—Yes, I have it before me now. I just wanted to get my oar in while you are at this stage of the game.

Ball—The President work done on it.

Nitze—Sure. Thanks George.

  1. U.S. missile installations in Turkey. No classification marking. 1 p. DOS, Ball Papers: Lot 74 D 272, Telcons—Cuba.