360. Telegram 1199 from Bonn, October 221

[Facsimile Page 1]

Depcirtel 1047. I saw Adenauer at 7:15 this evening and after brief exchange of greetings gave him the President’s letter. He had scarcely finished reading it before exclaiming, “This comes as no surprise. I have been worried about Cuba, and I can see that the President had to do it.”

I gave him brief outline of recent events, and he again commented, “It had to happen. The President is absolutely right. Khrushchev knows the free world rests on American strength, and if it can be eliminated, there will be nothing left.”

We then went through briefing with the Chancellor, who was obviously impressed with material shown him. He said he hoped we could some day make public some of the evidence we had, and also commented that if we could seize Soviet ship en route to Cuba with military equipment he thought it would make overwhelming impression on world opinion.

At conclusion of discussion Adenauer again expressed his approval of the President’s action, and I told him I was sure the President would be grateful for his confidence and support. He said he would write the President tomorrow.

  1. Briefing of Adenauer on Cuban crisis. Confidential. 1 p. DOS, CF, 611.3722/1–2261.