321. Memorandum from Carter to the Special Group (Augmented), October 161

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  • Operation MONGOOSE/Sabotage Proposals

1. The Director of Central Intelligence proposes that CIA undertake as soon as possible the following listed sabotage operations:

a. Demolition by an eight-man raider team of the railroad bridge near Galafre, Pinar del Rio Province

b. An underwater demolition attack by two Cuban frogmen against shipping and port facilities at the port of La Isabella, Las Villas Province

c. [text not declassified]

d. Mine with moored oil drum mines the approaches to one or more of the following harbors: Moa Bay, Nicaro, Banes, Neuvitas, Mariel, Bahia Honda

e. A demolition attack by a hit-and-run raider team on the Matanzas power plant

f. A hit-and-run mortar and gunfire attack on the Soviet SAM site near Santa Lucia, Pinar del Rio Province

g. [text not declassified]

h. Set afire by gunfire an oil tanker off Havana or Matanzas harbor. This operation will be mounted from a small, fast boat using recoiless rifles and rockets.

[Facsimile Page 2]

i. Incendiary attack by a hit-and-run raider team on the Texaco oil refineries at Havana and Santiago

2. Approval of the Special Group (Augmented) is requested for CIA to undertake the above listed sabotage and raider operations.

Marshall S. Carter
Acting Director of Central Intelligence
  1. Operation Mongoose/Sabotage Proposals. Secret. 2 pp. CIA Files: Job 80–B1676R, Walter Elder, Recop.