274. Memorandum from C. Tracy Barnes to Chief, WH–4, October 61

[Facsimile Page 1]


  • Pending Matters—Cuba

This memorandum is merely to confirm a few requests which I have made at various times.

a. General Taylor recently suggested that we should prepare a contingency plan setting forth action which might be taken in case of the unexpected removal of Castro from power. Admittedly since there is no possible way of anticipating how or when such a removal might occur (if at all), it is difficult to plan in any great detail. On the other hand, it should be possible to assume that the event could occur within some reasonable period in the future, and on this assumption to consider what steps might be taken. Such a plan could be projected further into the future at a later moment. The plan should be prepared for presentation to the Special Group and should, I think, be ready at the latest for the meeting on 19 October, which means that it should be in the DD/P’s office by 16 October at the latest.

b. Chief, WH–4 indicated that there are in being a number of detailed plans supporting proposed sabotage action. He agreed that he would provide some of these to me as samples in order that they could be studied. I might say that the type of sabotage intended in this request is not the so-called “minor key” actions but rather the more elaborate large scale actions for which Special Group approval will have to be sought.

C. Tracy Barnes
  1. Confirmation of requests re Cuba. Secret. 1 p. CIA, DDO/DDP Files: Job 78–01450R, Box 1, Area Activity—Western Hemisphere—Cuba.