252. Telegram 4681 from CIA to Balgar, April 171

[Facsimile Page 1]

Pass Emergency Blagar; Info OPIM Barbara J, Essex, LANT Puerto Cabezas.

[Typeset Page 615]

“1. Have Barbara J if practicable proceed immediately to Blue Beach offload as much as possible 1,000 man pack into LCVP and small boats in time permitting. Retire from area not later than 18070CZ towards point Zulu at best speed.

2. Blagar, Atlantics and Caribe with LCU proceed south of Point Zulu remain minimum 50 miles from Cuban territory.

3. Jet air cover being provided outside 15 mile from Cuban territory.

4. Air drops and strikes tonight and dawn.

5. Request latest situation report on all ships/LCU/LCVP.”

End of message

J.D. Esterline, C/WH/4
J. Hawkins, C/WH/4/PM
  1. Instructions for ships participating in Bay of Pigs operation. Secret. 1 p. CIA, DDO/LA/COG Files: Job 82–00679R, Box 3, Gen Maxwell Taylor, Green Study Group, Vol II.