241. Memorandum for the record, January 301

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  • [less than 1 line not declassified] PM Briefing

1. At 4:30 today, in the WH/4 war room, Colonel Hawkins and members of the [less than 1 line not declassified] PM Section gave a detailed briefing to the DDCI, Admiral Wright, General Bull, and General Barnes. This briefing was in preparation for the 31 January briefing of designees of the Chairman of the JCS, A/DDP/A and C/WH/4 were present.

2. For a ninety-minute period the senior Agency officials were given a description of the [less than 1 line not declassified] strike force, the tactical plan for its use, and intelligence on the target. It was emphasized that the proposed strike could be conducted with no overt U.S. military support other than the provision of one LSD, and that the force once committed would not have to be evacuated in the event of inability to hold the initial objective area as it could, if required, disperse and continue to survive. Concurrently it was emphasized that our estimate of the likelihood of success was very high in terms of staying in the initial objective area long enough and in sufficient control to permit the introduction of a “Provisional Government” and provide a rationale for the subsequent employment of overt military force, if desired.

3. The senior Agency officials critiqued the plan at some length. Several specific suggestions for improvement were made and will be reflected both in the plan itself and in the presentation of that plan to the JCS representatives. There was general agreement that the time [Typeset Page 596] schedule involved requires most prompt policy approval of the operation if it is to be undertaken as planned.

R.D. Drain
  1. Briefing on strike force in Cuba, tactical plan for its use, and intelligence on the target. Secret. 1 p. CIA Files: Job 85–0664R, Box 3, Vol 10, Chpts 5 & 6.