235. Paper prepared in the CIA, January 19611

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1. MISSION. Commencing at H-hour on D-day, the Assault Force lands, seizes, occupies, and defends a lodgement in the TRINIDAD–CASILDA area in order to establish a base from which further land and air operations can be launched against the Castro government of CUBA.


a. On D-day the Assault Force conducts an amphibious/airborne landing in the TRINIDAD area.

b. Prior to D-day, sabotage activities are directed at reducing and destroying the GCC ground, air and naval capability throughout CUBA, with particular emphasis on air, communications, transportation, armor, artillery and POL. Propaganda activities are intensified in order to obtain active support of the Cuban populace.

c. On D–1 tactical support aircraft attack major GOC air force installations in order to destroy aircraft on the ground and to inflict maximum damage to runways and control and communications facilities. Attacks are also launched against tank parks, artillery parks, motor transportation, and other military targets.

d. At about H–6 hours a tactical deception operation is conducted in the LA FE area of PINAR DEL RIC in order to cause movement of enemy forces away from the area of intended actual operations.

e. Immediately prior to and following H-hour on D-day, tactical support aircraft provide air support for the Assault Force in landing and seizure of objectives, with particular attention to enemy defensive installations and troop formation in the immediate objective area. Major rail and highway bridges west and northwest of TRINIDAD and along the coastal road toward CIENFUEGOS are bombed in order to isolate the objective area. Daily armed reconnaissance missions are continued in order to prevent movement of enemy forces against the lodgment.

f. Commencing at H-hour, the Assault Force lands by landing craft (LCVP and LCU) over designated beaches, (Beaches 1 and 2), and by [Typeset Page 571] parachute in designated drop zone, seizes objectives A, B, and C, and on order of Assault Force Commander, seizes Objectives E and F. (Annex D—Operation Overlay).

g. After seizure of initial objectives, the Assault Force attempts to obtain cooperation, assistance and good-will of the local populace in the TRINIDAD–CASILDA area. Combat inside the City of Trinidad is avoided. Facilities such as the hospital in TRINIDAD and the port facilities and petroleum supplies at CASILDA are converted to Brigade use.

h. After consolidation of the lodgment, Assault Force coordinates operations with local guerrilla leaders and civil leaders in the area making maximum efforts to organize, equip and employ additional forces and incorporate them under command of the Brigade Commander.

i. Upon seizure and preparation of the airfield at TRINIDAD, transport aircraft (C–46) utilize this base for supply and evacuation operations.

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j. Follow-up logistic support is provided by air landing, air drop and seaborne means on a scheduled basis and in response to call of Brigade Commander.

k. In the event the TRINIDAD area cannot be held, the Assault Brigade, on order of the Brigade Commander, withdraws to the ESCAMBRAY MOUNTAINS in order to continue resistance operations against the Castro government. Support for these operations will be provided by aerial means.

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