211. Telegram 508 to Mexico City, September 51

[Facsimile Page 1]

Following is uncleared memcon between Secretary and Mexican Ambassador on September 5. No additional memcon will be prepared:

Mexican Ambassador called on Secretary at former’s request to deliver letter from President Lopez Mateos to President Kennedy on the Chamizal. Letter recalls agreement of two Presidents to attempt achieve solution of Chamizal problem and expresses hope now that Convention has been signed that it can be promptly ratified. Secretary said he would discuss with Senator Fulbright after Convention submitted to Senate. He inquired whether any doubt Convention would be approved in Mexico. Carrillo Flores said there was not but that Mexico traditionally waited until US acted on important bilateral treaties. Secretary expressed hope Mexico would act this year even if US Senate did not so that ratification would not be postponed until September 1964. He noted US Senate might not get to Treaty until January. Carrillo Flores said he had recommended to his Govt that Mexican Senate act on Convention before it adjourns in December [Facsimile Page 2] even though US had not approved. He noted that he had recommended to President Lopez Mateos that Mexican Cabinet approve Convention so that Presidential hopefuls would be bound and that this had been done. Ambassador said he had also discussed Convention approval with Senator Mansfield who is personal friend of Lopez Mateos. Secretary expressed appreciation for letter and said he would be pleased forward it to President.

Mexican Ambassador then raised salinity problem. Said he hoped that provisional action could be taken avoid crisis this winter. Secretary said he was studying problem and would be talking to Secretary Udall and President. He promised talk again with Ambassador once he had more definite information.

Secretary then inquired about Mexico’s views on Cuba. Ambassador said he considered it significant Lopez Mateos did not make any remarks on Cuba in his September 1 State of Union message which could be considered favorable. He noted President had referred only to missile crisis in which Mexico had urged withdrawal of missiles and had condemned wanton aggression of China against India. In response to question, Secretary said there appeared to be further with [Typeset Page 506] drawals of Soviet forces and that recent increase in shipping had disturbed us but that it may have been associated with sugar shipments. [Facsimile Page 3] He thought real problem was continued training in Cuba of Latin Americans for guerrilla and subversive activities in their own countries. US saw no signs Castro’s desire dominate Latin America had lessened but we continued believe Castro considered himself revolutionary of hemisphere importance and too big for Cuba alone. Ambassador inquired about US assessment of reported break between Soviets and Cuba. Secretary said we did not attach much credence these reports. He speculated that fact Cuba has not signed Partial Test Ban Treaty, for example, might indicate desire on Cuba’s part avoid taking sides between USSR and China.

Secretary inquired about results of Lopez Mateos trip to Europe. Ambassador said it had been successful trip. He noted that Tito would be visiting Mexico next month. His subsequent remarks reflected Mexican view that visit by Tito to Mexico would not unnecessarily disturb US because US-Yugoslav relations were most QUOTE normal END QUOTE of generally QUOTE abnormal END QUOTE relations between US and Soviet bloc countries. To bolster point he said Senator Mansfield had told him US Congressmen would be visiting Yugoslavia in near future. Secretary acknowledged US relations with Yugoslavia were probably on better basis than with any country in Soviet bloc. He said import of Khrushchev-Tito meeting not clear as yet. He considered it useful for members of Congress visit [Facsimile Page 4] Yugoslavia to see situation firsthand. He was hopeful Congress would remove restrictive provisions in foreign aid legislation on trade with Poland and Yugoslavia.

  1. Transmits September 5 memorandum of conversation between Rusk and Ambassador Carrillo Flores re Chamizal dispute; salinity problem; Cuba; President Lopez Mateos’ trip to Europe. Confidential. 4 pp. DOS, CF, POL 33–1 MEX–US.