159. Telegram 94 to Tegucigalpa, October 41

[Facsimile Page 1]

For Ambassador Burrows.

Following for your present guidance:

Since Villeda Govt deposed, Embassy will, of course, cease all formal contacts with members of that Govt, unless constitutional succession followed. Until a govt is recognized by US, Embassy should scrupulously avoid any official contact (formal or written communications, public appearances together, etc.) with the military or civilians associated with the coup or likely to be named to the new governing body which could imply approval of coup or foreshadowing recognition of any govt.

Embassy may find need for unofficial, informal, personal contacts with both military and civilians falling within above categories for purposes information gathering or conveying this Govt’s position on matters arising this period of transition. Extreme care should be exercised in such informal contacts to avoid action which may be interpreted as recognition.

Dept plans no action on recognition question in near future.

  1. Instructions re contact with members of former Villeda government and question of recognition. Confidential. 1 p. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Countries Series, Honduras, 10/1–5/63.