143. Telegram 768 from Tegucigalpa, April 211

[Facsimile Page 1]

President Villeda Morales announced tonight to cheering anti-Castro crowd, and over national hookup that he would lay before Council of Ministers his proposal to break relations with Cuba, and that Foreign Ministry would carry out action tomorrow, Saturday, April 22. President’s oratory was strongly and outspokenly anti-Communist, stressed that his action was compliance will of people from whom he had sprung, cautioned that will to abandon extreme left implied equal responsibility to break with plotters of extreme right. Crowd had been warmed by two hours of oratory in main square before marching on Palace to ask for break, obviously with knowledge of authorities. Manifestation contrasted imposingly with failure several Castro-Communist attempts organize rallies. President’s announcement was followed by shooting of fire-arms, a common practice at any celebration, but no disorder as yet.

  1. President Villeda Morales proposal to break relations with Cuba on April 22. Unclassified. 1 p. DOS, CF, 715.00/4–2161.