456. Telegram 909 from Rio de Janeiro, October 291

[Facsimile Page 1]

Embtel 902. The best laid plans can go awry. When I called on Goulart Monday afternoon to ask him about telephones (DEPCIRTEL 780) he first brought out some whiskies to toast the American victory and then said General Albino rather than Bastian Pinto would be having the talk with Fidel in Havana. Instructions to Albino, in addition to our points, are to tell him that Goulart astounded and dismayed by way in which Fidel had put Cuba in position of being mere merchandise of USSR to be traded for Turkish bases regardless of Cuban sovereignty or Cuban popular desires. Goulart had been trying defend position of Fidel and Cuban integrity but could not defend obvious position of Russian satellite.

This not bad in itself, but I would have far more confidence in Bastian than in Albino to get our desired message fully across. As it is we can only hope for results, which Goulart promises report to me promptly Wednesday after Albino’s return tomorrow night.

Goulart also said he thought tremendous propaganda opportunity for US in showing Cubans how they were being used by Russians [Typeset Page 1281] while indicating sympathy with Cubans in any real efforts for independent Cuban development. I pointed out, apart from Soviet bases, continuing problem remainder of Cuban subversive OARs. Goulart replied that after last weekend’s developments, such activities would be far weaker and Brazilian Communists today were hiding heads in shame.

  1. General Albino to visit to Havana to talk with Castro. Top Secret. 2 pp. DOS, CF, 737.56361/10–2962.