2. Proceedings of the Session and related apers

Editorial Note

At noon on Saturday, November 24, 1951, the opening meeting of the Eighth Session of the North Atlantic Council was begun in the Foro Italico in Rome under the chairmanship of Lester B. Pearson, Secretary of State for External Affairs of Canada. At his invitation, Alcide de Gasperi, Prime Minister of Italy, welcomed the delegations of the NATO powers, including the observers from Greece and Turkey. More than 300 delegates attended the Council meetings representing the 12 countries that belonged to NATO. The leading representatives of the NATO countries were as follows:

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Belgium Paul van Zeeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jean van Houtte, Minister of Finance
Colonel E. R. V. G. A. DeGreef, Minister of Defense
Andre de Staercke, Council Deputy
Canada Lester B. Pearson, Secretary of State for External Affairs
Brooke Claxton, Minister of National Defense
Douglas C. Abbott, Minister of Finance
L. Dana Wilgress, Council Deputy
Denmark Ole Bjørn Kraft, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Thorhil Kristensen, Minister of Finance
V. de Steensen-Leth, Council Deputy
France Robert Schuman, Minister of Foreign Affairs
René Mayer, Minister of Finance
Georges Bidault, Minister of National Defense
Hervé Alphand, Council Deputy
Iceland Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Gunnlauger Pétursson, Council Deputy
Italy Alcide de Gasperi, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs
Guiseppe Pella, Minister of the Budget
Randolfo Pacciardi, Minister of Defense
Alberto Rossi-Longhi, Council Deputy
Luxembourg Joseph Bech, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense
Andre Clasen, Council Deputy
Netherlands Dirk U. Stikker, Minister for Foreign Affairs
Johannes R. M. van den Brink, Minister of Economic Affairs
A. R. Tammenoms Bakker, Acting Council Deputy
Norway Halvard Lange, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jens Hauge, Minister of Defense
Dag Bryn, Council Deputy
Portugal Joao Pinto da Costa Leite, Minister of the Presidency
Paulo Cunha. Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ruy Ennes Ulrich, Council Deputy
United Kingdom Anthony Eden, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
R. A. Butler, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lord de L’Isle and Dudley, Secretary of State for Air
Frederick R. Hoyer-Millar, Council Deputy
United States1 Dean Acheson, Secretary of State
John W. Snyder, Secretary of the Treasury
Robert A. Lovett, Secretary of Defense
Charles M. Spofford, Council Deputy
Greece Evanghelos Averoff, Observer
Turkey Huseyin Regip Baydur, Observer

Following the pattern set during the Seventh Session of the Council in Ottawa, meetings were scheduled to begin on Saturday, November 24, with a break on Sunday which would allow for informal meetings between delegations, and then meetings beginning Monday of the following week and continuing until Wednesday, November 28. While the Council meetings were in progress, Secretary of State Acheson also held bipartite and tripartite meetings with the Foreign Ministers of France and the United Kingdom, as well as with other European officials. A record of several of these meetings is included in the compilation that follows.

The telegraphic reports of all the meetings of the North Atlantic Council are printed in the following compilation with the exception of the first formal opening ceremony. The main indicator series for telegrams were Secto and Tosec which were normally sent from and to members of the United States Delegation. Actel and Telac were occasionally used for telegrams sent by and to Acheson himself or his personal staff. Depto and Todep were the indicator series for telegrams from and to the United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council. The United States minutes of the Council meetings are not printed but are in the Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 98, and the CFM files, lot M–88, box 159, Rome. Both of these files also contain the preparatory papers which were written as background [Page 716] papers for the United States Delegation by a Steering Group within the Department of State.

An attempt has been made in the following compilation to identify document numbers and titles that were discussed by the Council or received for information; all formal Council actions are accounted for as well.

[412] Memorandum of Conversation, by the Secretary of State

Conference files, lot 59 D 95, CF 98

[413] The Secretary of State to the President

740.5/11–3051: Telegram

  1. The entire U.S. Delegation is listed in the Department of State Bulletin, December 3, 1951, p. 918.