710 Conference (W & PW)/3–745: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

340. From the Secretary. Please inform the President. At yesterday’s plenary session the following resolutions were finally approved by the Conference as a whole:

Creation of a permanent military organization—Inter-American Defense Board; control of armaments; war crimes; elimination of centers of subversive influence and prevention of the admission of dangerous deportees and propagandists; reciprocal assistance and [Page 148] American solidarity (Declaration of Chapultepec); reorganization, consolidation and strengthening of the Inter-American system; tribute to Dr. Leo S. Rowe; declaration of Mexico; incorporation of international law into muncipal legislation; economic cooperation in the prosecution of the war; application of wartime price controls; renewal of capital equipment; preparation for the Washington Economic Conference; modification of Resolution V of the third meeting of Foreign Ministers; control of enemy property.

This morning the meeting of the United States delegation devoted itself almost entirely to a long discussion of a proposed resolution re Argentina which is still the subject of detailed negotiation with the heads of the various delegations with a view to its unanimous adoption. The current procedure is that this resolution will be adopted at a meeting by the Committee on Initiatives tomorrow morning and then by the Conference at a further plenary session tomorrow. At the moment the resolution which is the product of the views and draftsmanship of many of the delegates seems to have complete and enthusiastic acceptance. In view, however, of the lack of unanimity in certain of the delegations there remains always the possibility that some individuals will oppose the resolution when it comes up for final adoption. However, no effort is being spared to achieve a true consensus of opinion.

Committee IV, which was the only Committee which had not so far completed its work, met this morning and approved fourteen resolutions with titles as follows:

Sale and distribution of primary products; Industrial development; Inter-American transportation; Economic charter of the Americas; Processing of primary products; Methods of preventing unemployment; Work of the Inter-American Development Commission; Health and sanitation; Social questions; Charter for women and children; Inter-American cooperation in the care of European children; Declaration of social principles of the Americas; Proclaimed Lists; and, Meeting of central banks or similar institutions.

These resolutions are the result of protracted discussions which were made necessary by very considerable sentiment among the other American Republics in favor of many restrictive measures designed to protect their war-developed industries together with industries which they hoped to see developed in the future.

Since all of the major resolutions have now been negotiated to conclusion, the primary concern of the United States delegation at this point is to ensure that in the last flood of resolutions being hastily processed through for final adoption there shall not be any unexpected and unprepared for developments.

Mr. Clayton and members economic group are leaving by airplane this afternoon for Washington. [Stettinius.]