710 Conference (W & PW)/3–845: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

349. From the Secretary. Please inform the President. Conference adjourned this evening after formal plenary.

Session at Chamber Deputies 16 days after convening February 21. Padilla and Chilean delegate, Foreign Minister Fernandez y Fernandez, made final address. Conclusion is marked by general feeling of alleviation and good will among delegates who unanimously regard Conference successful in major objectives. General satisfaction has background partly in feeling among Latin American delegates that they [are] again fully participant in international affairs and able to make influence effective both within hemisphere and in reference to world security program.

Experienced United States press and official observers regard Conference as marking culmination of good neighborly policy and attitude which President Roosevelt and Government consistently pursued during last 12 years. Other helpful factors widely commented were: (first) fact Secretary State attended and remained throughout Conference thus signalizing high importance attached to meeting by United States; (second), hemispheric informational program of Coordinator27 during past 5 years apparently contributed to common opinions in American Republics favorable to United States and its war and foreign policies; (third), extraordinary thoroughness with which Mexican Government operated Conference, and (fourth) careful advance preparation both in State Department and Embassies.

An interesting impartial estimate of Conference was given extemporaneously by Senator Austin at morning staff meeting. He said: “Everyone here has been holding to the good cause of security and peace. Everything has been moulded to that end. Differences here have been solved easily because we have had that end in view. The documents and press statements have been shaped to put aside things that hurt and to help the negotiations that will occur at San Francisco. It seems to me the Conference in Mexico City has been a positive step forward. We have shown that reasonable men when working for a good object can arrive at very good results. I am very proud of our State Department and our War and Navy Department representatives. Ambassador Messersmith is doing wonderful job for USA. As member of opposition party I have nothing but praise for you all.”

Secretary expressed tribute to President Camacho, Dr. Padilla and Mexican people at forenoon plenary session at Chapultepec Castle. [Page 150] Final Act shows total of 61 resolutions approved inclusive final vote of thanks. These agreements and resolutions cover almost every field of human endeavor and their fulfillment involves extraordinary technical preparations and follow up over long period.

Secretary held general press conference making statement previously sent Washington.28 Rockefeller, Austin, Connally and Messersmith spoke briefly at this conference. Austin said fathers and mothers of soldiers and sailors would appreciate what he had discovered here—warm sympathy there is in hearts of Latin Americans. Connally interpreted Act Chapultepec eloquently saying that it accomplishes what he had hoped to see for many years. Said security of hemisphere is now responsibility of all American nations. He pointed out that Act Chapultepec is carefully coordinated with and subordinate to world security organization when completed. Connally thought Argentine resolution should attract approbation people of entire Western Hemisphere. He said when Argentina assumes her proper obligations and responsibilities there will be an entirely united hemisphere. Newsmen heavily applauded Connally. Messersmith commented Mexico’s role in Conference expressing opinion that events have vindicated the holding of this Conference here. He said all delegates had participated with deepest seriousness. [Stettinius.]

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