Question of the advisability of sending military missions to the American Republics

[On September 20, 1944, Secretary of War Stimson wrote to Secretary of State Hull requesting the views of the Department of State as to the advisability of establishing United States military missions in the various American Republics. Acting Secretary of State Stettinius replied on November 30 that the Department was sympathetic to the basic objectives of establishing such missions, as had been indicated in his letter of February 29 to Admiral Leahy ( Foreign Relations, 1944, volume VII, pages 93 ff.), but he pointed out that “in considering the advisability of establishing a new Military Mission in any country, careful consideration must be given to other factors in addition to the military ones you mention before reaching a definite decision on the merits of each individual case.” Copies of the letters of September 20 and November 30 were sent by the Department to the diplomatic representatives of the United States in the American Republics except Argentina (810.20 Mission/12–1244). Documentation for 1945 on existing or proposed United States military, naval, or air missions is included in appropriate sections under the various countries in this volume.]