710 Conference W and PW/3–745: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Reed) to the Secretary of State

448. Acting Foreign Minister26 this morning gave press statement of Argentine Government’s viewpoint on Mexico Conference resolutions which is summarized as follows: That he has no objection to setting forth Government’s view regarding important innovations introduced within system of international cooperation, overlooking circumstances of Argentina’s absence from discussions; that greatest responsibility which group of victorious nations has assumed in history is undoubtedly that of finding new forms of international relationship to remove danger of new world conflagration and practical method to carry them out; that Argentina has always maintained it necessary to perfect systems of international cooperation and can only view with greatest interest efforts of United Nations and particularly American nations to this end; that regarding the problem in its continental aspect, Argentine Government in harmony with its historically manifested juridical tradition ratifies its respect for the person, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of every American state; has rejected and categorically rejects aggression as instrument of national policy or of territorial expansion and reaffirms its determination to maintain itself within the continental solidarity repudiating any ideology foreign to republican and democratic traditions of the American Nations.

Ameghino concluded saying that above merely repeats concepts eloquently expressed by Argentine Chief Executive on several occasions especially at Army Navy dinner last July 6th.

  1. César Ameghino.