Discussions regarding military and naval cooperation between the United States and Haiti

[The Ambassador in Haiti, Orme Wilson, reported in despatch No. 805 of June 6, 1945, on staff conversations held by United States and Haitian authorities from May 23 to May 29 on military, naval, and air subjects (810.20 Defense/6–645), and in despatch No. 1115 of November 9 he recommended that unless the Department of State “views with disfavor a policy which might tend to keep President Lescot in office, there would appear to be no objection to supplying the small amount of equipment contemplated by the War Department” (800.24/11–945).

Correspondence leading toward the negotiation of a standard form of agreement concerning the detail of military officers of the United States armed forces to serve as “technical advisers” in Haiti continued through 1945 and was interrupted in January 1946 by a change of government in Haiti.]