740.00112A EW/5–2945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina (Braden)

627. Urtel 1091 May 29. For reasons explained in instruction which follows it is not desirable to delay abolition of Confidential List. This List has not been effective in recent months and it would appear that contd effective control over exports can be exercised through Certificates of Necessity procedure.

Urtel 1076 May 26.19 PL Committee desires cooperate fully in eradicating Nazi influence. Its recommendations attached to Depts instruction 6724, May 2119 propose that Argentine list remain substantially same for time being. Only deletion of minor offenders which should not exceed 10 per cent of List was contemplated for deletion forthcoming supplement. Hence Committee would not agree deletion 621 (sic) names referred to in your 1073, May 26.19

PL Committee has requested views of Brit on delaying deletion program in Argentina until entire List is reduced to hard core in about [Page 462] 4 months. This in effect proposes that reduction to hard core would be made in one supplement rather than in two bites as will be done in Europe and in other non-cooperative American Republics. Would you favor this procedure even though reductions would be made in other countries? Urdes 40, May 2621 has not been reed. However, publication date of forthcoming supplement has been postponed. You will be informed of Brit views and publication date of forthcoming supplement.

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