740.35112A/6–745: Telegram

The Assistant Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs (Rockefeller) to the Acting Secretary of State

12. I suggest that the Department answer Buenos Aires telegram 1091 of May 29, 10 p.m., along the following lines:

“The Department entirely agrees with and supports your views that elimination of the Confidential List and reductions in the Proclaimed List with respect to Argentina is entirely premature. The matter is being taken up with the appropriate United States agencies.”
“If these agencies agree, the Embassy in London will be instructed to make appropriate representations to the British authorities.”
“You may confidentially inform pertinent U.S. officials in Buenos Aires of above.”

Should the Department adopt this view, instructions will, of course, have to be issued not only to the Embassy in London, but also to the pertinent United States agencies. I suggest that the telegram to London give a brief summary of the Proclaimed List situation in Argentina and recent developments connected therewith in order that the Embassy may have adequate background for making its recommendations.