711.35/4–2345: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics Except Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay

The following information is furnished for your guidance:

Warren, accompanied by John McClintock and Harry Frantz,44 left Washington on April 17 for a 3-day routine visit to Buenos Aires in [Page 379] connection with the recognition and reestablishment of contacts, in view of the fact that the new Ambassador45 will not be able to arrive there for some time. General Brett accompanied them as a courtesy visit and Admiral Munroe arrived simultaneously also for a courtesy visit. Since this Government has newly established its relations, it was considered by us a perfectly normal thing for the representatives of the various agencies to make this visit in order to look over the situation and to deal with a great number of individual problems that result from the new situation. Warren left Buenos Aires on April 21 but McClintock will continue with economic studies there next week.

  1. Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary of State Rockefeller.
  2. Spruille Braden, who arrived in Buenos Aires May 19, and presented his credentials on May 21.