835.00/4–2445: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Reed) to the Secretary of State

810. Government press office released last night the following communiqué:

“Scattered groups of persons characterized by their systematic opposition to the Government with regard both to internal matters and foreign policy with the evident intention of altering peace and order have succeeded during recent days in spreading confusion in public opinion, detracting from or twisting the reach and interpretation of measures adopted to assure the war effort, the cohesion and unity which must prevail in a nation which finds itself in a state of war.

In view of this, and in accordance with recent statement to the effect that the country will comply with its solemn undertakings with the United Nations no matter what the cost, the Government has ordered the arrest of a number of persons in order to establish their degree of responsibility as promoters or concealers of those frankly subversive activities in order to apply the proper sanctions to those responsible.”