724.61/3–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia ( Thurston ) to the Secretary of State

318. I was advised by the Bolivian Foreign Minister this afternoon that press reports of the impending establishment of relations between Bolivia and the Soviet Union are correct. He stated that he had discussed this matter with the Secretary and Mr. Rockefeller in Mexico4 and that they were “enthusiastic”. He said that personally, however, he was not so enthusiastic and entertained misgivings as to the eventual consequences of the proposed action.

Chacón stated that the actual negotiations for the establishment of relations will be carried on in Washington and Mexico City and that Enrique Baldivieso, a former Vice President and Foreign Minister, probably will be sent to Moscow as the first Bolivian representative.

Chacón also stated that he understands that Litvinov5 will take Oumansky’s place in Mexico.

  1. Assistant Secretary of State Nelson Rockefeller and the Bolivian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gustavo Chacón, were members of the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace that met in Mexico City in February and March 1945.
  2. Maxim Litvinov, Deputy Commissar for Foreign Affairs in the Soviet Union.