Memorandum by the Chief, Mexican Division ( Carrigan ) to the Assistant Chief, Division of Caribbean and Central American Affairs ( Cochran )

Mr. Cochran: Ambassador Messersmith6 telephoned me this morning to state that Ambassador Toriello of Guatemala7 called on him yesterday, to tell him that he was definitely leaving for Guatemala City on Wednesday and that he had accepted appointment as Foreign Minister.

The Ambassador said that he had become fond of the Guatemalan Ambassador and that their relations were very friendly.

The Ambassador said that Toriello had told him that the Guatemalan legislature had recommended to the executive that Guatemala open relations with the Soviet. He said that the executive seemed disposed to accept this recommendation and that the situation had reached a point such that Guatemala would very probably open relations.

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Toriello said that there was some question in his mind if this should be done before San Francisco.8

He asked Mr. Messersmith if he thought well of the idea of opening relations and if he had any comment as to the timing.

Mr. Messersmith told him that he was not in a position, as American Ambassador, to give him any advice, either official or unofficial, but that, purely personally and off the record, he thought it was a good idea. He said that the ball was rolling anyway, and that he could see no great importance whether or not it were done before or after San Francisco. Mr. Messersmith asked that I tell him this afternoon or tomorrow morning if there is any unofficial hint that the Department might offer.

I suggest it might be well to tell Mr. Messersmith that we are not in a position to give any advice for obvious reasons, but that we have no objection to what he told Toriello and that he may say, if he wishes, that we would be glad to offer any facilities.

Will you let me know, as I have to telephone Mexico anyway?9

  1. George S. Messersmith, United States Ambassador to Mexico.
  2. Guillermo Toriello, Guatemalan Ambassador to Mexico.
  3. The United Nations Conference on International Organization, April 25–June 26, 1945.
  4. In a memorandum of March 26, 1945, Cochran advised Carrigan that Messersmith’s position was “entirely correct.” (701.1461/4–2645) Despatch 2424, April 23, 1945, from Guatemala City, referred to the formal establishment of relations between Guatemala and the Soviet Union as completed (714.61/4–2345).