Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

The Soviet Ambassador called on me this afternoon at his request and, with reference to the conversation which had taken place at my house on the evening of March 13 between Mr. Velloso, the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of Brazil, and the Soviet Ambassador, in which Mr. Velloso had said to Mr. Gromyko that his Government would like to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Government, Mr. Gromyko said that he had had a reply from Moscow and that the reply was favorable. In view of the Brazilian proposal, the Soviet Government would be glad to establish diplomatic relations with Brazil. Mr. Gromyko suggested that the best way to proceed would be for the Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. Martins, to call on him at his Embassy in order to discuss the necessary arrangements. I said that I would immediately approach Mr. Martins in order to ascertain his views.

I thereupon telephoned to the Brazilian Ambassador, who said that he would be very glad to call on Mr. Gromyko at the Soviet Embassy and I suggested that the best arrangement would be for him to call Mr. Gromyko on the telephone and make an appointment. Mr. Martins assented and said he would do so.3

Joseph C. Grew
  1. On March 30 the Brazilian Ambassador informed the Acting Secretary of State that an agreement had been reached with the Soviet Government for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and the Soviet Union (732.61/3–3045).