Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

Participants: The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mr. Velloso
The Ambassador of Brazil, Mr. Martins
The Soviet Ambassador, Mr. Gromyko
The Under Secretary, Mr. Grew

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mr. Velloso; the Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. Martins; and the Soviet Ambassador, Mr. Gromyko, met this evening at my house at eleven o’clock. I introduced Mr. Gromyko to Mr. Velloso and after some personal conversation [Page 226] Mr. Velloso referred to the exchange of views which had taken place between the late Mr. Oumansky and the Brazilian Ambassador in Mexico and said that his Government desired to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Government. Mr. Gromyko said “Am I to take that as a formal proposal?” Mr. Velloso replied in the affirmative. Mr. Gromyko then said that he would refer the matter to his Government and would get in touch with the Brazilian Ambassador when a reply was received. I said that I was very happy that this important meeting had taken place in the informality of my home. Those present expressed appreciation.

Joseph C. Grew