831.00/10–2445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

984. My telegram 964, October 22 [23], 2 p.m. During meeting of Diplomatic Corps called yesterday by Nuncio, acting as Dean, it was decided to let Junta know Corps had met and that result of de liberations was available at Nunciature if Foreign Office representative cared to call.

Memorandum handed to representative who called on Nuncio today summarized results of Corps meeting: Nuncio to let “whom it may concern” know that (1) irresponsible persons had appeared at some missions and entered Dominican Legation taking certain objects (silverware) therefrom; (2) in regretting this occurrence Corps noted with satisfaction that apology had been made; (3) Corps is interested in solution of problem of refugees in missions, in harmony with appropriate international conventions signed by Venezuela; and (4) while Corps recognizes general situation as of present offers no cause for apprehension, appreciates protective measures taken at missions which granted refuge or might need protection for other reasons. There was a general agreement among the members of the Corps to avoid carefully any act which might be construed as recognition pending developments.