831.01/10–2545: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives in the American Republics

This Govt has received reports from Corrigan indicating that (1) the seven man Junta in Venezuela is in control of that country; (2) that it enjoys general support without active opposition and (3) that it intends to fulfill its international obligations.
As reports reaching us indicate no threat to the hemisphere nor any pro-Axis inspiration in the Venezuelan Junta revolutionary movement, accordingly the Junta Govt in Venezuela appears to de serve recognition.
In accordance with Resolution XXII of the CPD16 you are requested to consult with the Govt to which you are accredited (except Argentina) and if its views are in agreement with our own with respect to paragraph 2, this Govt proposes that the present Govt of Venezuela be recognized at a comparatively early date.
Please endeavor to have reply of your country here by Thursday November 1 in order that a date for recognition may be fixed immediately thereafter. We shall be glad to communicate the date to the other American republics in advance thereof, in case they de sire to act simultaneously with us.

This message sent to Caracas for information only.

  1. The Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense. Resolution XXII recommended that recognition of a new government established by force be pre ceded by consultation among the American Republics; for text, see The Emergency Advisory Committee for Political Defense, Second Annual Report, July 15, 1943–October 15, 1944 (Montevideo, 1944), p. 79.