831.00/10–2445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela ( Corrigan ) to the Secretary of State

982. I have just received note from Morales informing me that as result of revolutionary movement which overthrew government presided [Page 1408] over by General Medina, Junta of government, giving names, presided over by Betancourt has been formed; that as soon as circumstances permit Constituent Assembly to reform Constitution to provide for direct and secret elections for presidency will be called; that no members of Junta will be permitted to be candidates; that authority of new government is consolidated throughout country and conditions are normal; that he is addressing me in his capacity as “Encargado” of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to which post he has been appointed by revolutionary Junta of government; that he has asked Venezuelan Embassy in Washington in view of democratic and popular character of new government and its firm intention to comply with international obligations entered into by the Republic to request recognition by our Government; and that he is confident that that (que esa) Embassy will lend its valuable cooperation for this purpose.

My colleagues have received similar notes.